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Loebner 2013

International Loebner Prize 2013 Contest in Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Derry ~ LondonDerry ~ LegenDerry
Saturday, 14 September, 2013

No deadlines entered for this conference.

The Imagineering Quarter is hosting the international Loebner Prize 2013 Contest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to find the world's best conversational chatbot computer program in collaboration with universities in the USA (New Mexico), Denmark (Aalborg), France (LIMSI-CNRS), England (Exeter, Sheffield) & island of Ireland (The Queen's University of Belfast, UCD, DCU) and technically co-sponsored by the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society UKRI chapter.
The contest is being held during the CultureTECH 2013 digital media and creativity festival, City of Culture 2013 celebration, European Heritage Open Days and will precede an International Workshop on: ``Waiting for Artificial Intelligence...''.

Each year an Annual Prize & Bronze Medal is awarded to the most human-like computer. Loebner Prize 2013 Annual First Prize is: US$ 4000 + Annual Bronze Medal, Second Prize: US$ 1000, Third Prize: US$ 750 and Fourth Prize: US$ 250.

The Silver Medal Prize of $25,000 + Silver Medal will be awarded if any program fools two or more judges when compared to two or more humans. At that point the contest will progress to the MultiModal stage in which entries in subsequent years will necessitate processing of MultiModal input (e.g. music, speech, pictures, videos). During the MultiModal stage, if any entry fools half the judges compared to half of the humans, the program's creator(s) will receive the Grand Prize of US$100,000 + 18kt solid Gold Medal, and the competition will be discontinued.

All prizes are sponsored by New York Philanthropist, Dr. Hugh Loebner.

A 2013 Call for Entries has been announced (see below) and the 4 entries with the highest scores will be selected as finalists.

Loebner Prize 2013, in collaboration with Foyle Learning Community and TeenTech CIC, also includes a Junior Loebner Prize in which the Junior Judging Panel consists of school pupils between 12 and 14 years old. This prize first arose after a paper and discussion at AISB 2010 where Loebner Prize 2011 (Exeter) contest organiser, Dr. Ed Keedwell, proposed a Turing Test based on child development. An additional prize fund is available for the machines in this Junior Loebner Prize Contest.

The University of Exeter's Computer Science Department (Dr. Ed Keedwell, Kent McClymont) will run a live webcast of Loebner Prize 2013 and interested people from around the world will be able to follow the conversations the judges have as they happen.

Loebner Prize 2013 will be filmed by WGBH (Boston, USA) & 360 Production (Derry/London) as part of a documentary on Artificial Intelligence (AI) produced by Chad Cohen for the Nova Primetime Science TV Series screened on the USA Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Television Network.
Loebner Prize 2013 will also be broadcast on Head Squeeze, 360 Production and BBC Worldwide's YouTube Channel.

Loebner Prize 2013 is directed by Prof. Paul Mc Kevitt of The University of Ulster and produced by Dr. Hugh Loebner, together with Production and Location (drawn from The Imagineering Quarter) Crews and casting of Contest Entrants and International Expert and Junior Judging Panels.

The Loebner Prize is the first formal instantiation of `The Turing Test'. The test is named after Alan Turing, the brilliant British mathematician who also developed basic research on the theoretical foundation of computing science.

The Loebner Prize contest, first inaugurated in 1991 at The Computer Museum (Boston, USA), has been hosted internationally at locations such as: Carnegie Hall (NY, USA), The Science Museum (London), The Powerhouse Museum (Sydney, Australia), Bletchley Park (England), Dartmouth College (NH, USA), Georgia State University (Atlanta, USA), California State University (LA, USA), University College London, Surrey, Reading & Exeter Universities (England), Flinders University (Adelaide, Australia) and even Hugh Loebner's apartment in New York City (USA).